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Morning/ Afternoon Work

Commas to List

When writing a list, you should put comma between each item, except for the last item where you use 'and'.



James did a hop, skip and a jump after hearing he had passed his exam.


At the supermarket, Asim bought cereal, eggs, some sausages and milk.


Your Task

Copy out the below sentences into your books. 

Put commas in the correct places to mark the items in the list. 


1. Miss Hall loves reading books teaching children cooking and drinking coffee


2. Year Four enjoyed learning about the Romans the Anglo-Saxons volcanoes and human teeth. 


3. Some children find the words rhythm centre surprise and different hard to spell.


4. In Australia, the Giant Cassowary Boyd's Forest Dragon and the Spotted-tail Quoll can be found in the Daintree Rainforest.


After, create your own sentences that would need commas to list items.