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Morning / Afternoon Work

LC: I can solve word problems using subtraction.

There were 86 flowers in a field. Some children pulled out 72.

How many flowers were left?

86 72 = 14


Remember to check what operation you need. 

Some questions have 2 steps.

You may need to add before you can subtract


1. There are 547 children in a school. One day, 539 children turn up to school. How many children were away that day?


2. A jug of water has 782ml of water in it. Adam pours 710ml out into 1 glass and 55ml into another. How much water is left?


3. Peter is running a 500m race. He ran 150m in the first 10 minutes then 217m  in the next 15 minutes. How far away from the finish line is Peter?


4. Stoneyholme Primary School is raising money for charity. Their target is £1000. On Wednesday they had £390 in donations and on Thursday £540 more was donated. How much money do they now need to raise to meet their target?


5Jake is collecting stamps. At the moment, he has 59. Rosie gives him 17 more. He then gives 15 to Charlie. How many stamps does he have now?