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If you are in 5F, you need to go back to Week 2 - Thursday Maths for the Maths task today. 

In Maths this week, we are going to focus on solving problems relating to angles.

Look at the in focus question below. How can we work out the size of the angle?

Lets Learn

We must remember that angles in a triangle all add to make 180 degrees.

So 180 – 70 gives us 110.

If we know that there are two angles named a – they have to both measure the same.

110 divide by 2 = 55 degrees.

We now know that a = 55 degrees and we have already been given the 70 degree angle.

What fact can you remember about angles around a point?

That’s right, they measure 360 degrees.

Now, try using the above facts to work out the missing angles.

Now, try the guided practice section below.

Now try worksheet 11 in workbook 5B.

If you are working from home, this will be sent to you on Seesaw.