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Wednesday 21st April 2021

L.C. To be able to divide 2-digit numbers with a remainder.


Use the method we have already learnt.

Will all children be included in a group?


Not all children will have been used.

There should have been 3 left over (or remaining).

Below is the method you should have used to work out the answer.



How many 6’s are there in 7? 1 - rename the extra 1 ten across to the units column (1 ten = 10 ones)

How many 6’s are there in 15? 2

How many are left over? 3 - we show this as r3 (remainder 3)


Guided practice


Using the same method we will work together to answer the following questions


1. 98 divided by 3



2. 98 divided by 4



3. 98 divided by 5



4. 98 divided by 6 - On your whiteboards.