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 Wednesday 14th April 2021

LC- To convert units of length,


Remember the facts!

So yesterday, we looked at converting and measuring mm and cm.


 We know that 10 mm = 1cm

so to convert from mm to cm, we need to get from 10 to 1. How do we do that?


 We  know that 1cm = 10 mm

so to convert from cm to mm, we need to from 1 to 10. How do we do that?


 I always write my conversion fact at the top of the page to remind me!


Today, we are looking at converting between cm and m.


Have a look at this question.

 So what facts can help us here?


   100 cm = 1m            ( we would need to divide by 100)

       1 m  = 100cm       ( we would need to multiply by 100)


Let's learn some ways to do the conversion.

Now let's do the following example and the guided practice together.

Remember to say if you don't understand something.

 Complete the pages in your Maths No Problem book in the way that is easiest for you.