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Maths Tuesday 9th February 2021

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Today you are going need to remember the information you read yesterday. 


To remind yourself of this lesson watch the video again at the bottom of this page. 


In addition today, we need to understand what part of the angle we read as well as an easier way to spot a right angle.


First let's look at the part of the angle we read.


The picture below shows an angle. The part of the angle we need to read is shown by the orange circle. It might not be orange but it will be shown by a circular line near the corner of a shape.


This angle is a reflex angle.



Next let's look at an easy way to spot a right angle.


 The picture below is of a right angle. You may realise that rather than a round angle being shown, it is square angle. A square angle shows a right angle. As we all remember a right angle is exactly 90º.



Now have a go on the link below and look at what happens as you move the angle around. 



Go onto Purple Mash complete the 2Do named 'Angles'

Yesterday's Lesson

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