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Today, we are going to multiply mixed numbers by whole numbers.

Have a look at the in focus question below.

What fraction are we multiplying? What is the whole number that we are multiplying?

That’s right. It is 2 and ½ by 3.

Have a look below to see how we can do this.

2 whole ones multiplied by 3 makes 6 so we would have 6 whole ones.

½ x 3 = 3/2 as the denominator stays the same and 1 x 3 = 3

3/2 is an improper fraction which can be made to a mixed fraction.

Do you know what this could be?

That’s right. It would be 1 whole one and ½.

If we now add 6 whole ones and 1 and a half from above, our answer would be 7 and a half.

As money, our answer would be £7.50.

Now have a look at Q2. How can you work out 3 and 2/3 by 6?

What answer did you get?

Have a look at the video below to see how to work it out.


Still image for this video

Now using the same method, have a go at the guided practice section.

Then, complete worksheet 18 below which will be sent to you on Seesaw.