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Thursday 14th January 2021

LC- To divide decimals.


 Well done for now knowing how to multiply decimals using the formal method. Most of you know where to put the decimal point.


Today we are going on to dividing decimals. We can divide by partitioning into place value or the formal method. We will start with place value so you know where the answers come from.


Have a look at the following question. How would you solve it?




 My friend says that we could use 6 ones, 9 tenths and 3 hundredths to make the number and then divide each amount into three groups to find the answer. Is this true? How can we be sure? How much would be in each group?


How could we check our answer to make sure it is correct? We could use the inverse, we could use multiplication? What is 2.31 × 3?


My friend says that we can use number bonds to divide 6.93 easily. What does he mean by this? How can we use number bonds to divide a decimal?


Do you know any other methods?


Let's learn.

 Could you also use the bus stop method?


I think you can but you must bring the decimal point up into the answer in the correct place. 


Now complete the Maths NO Problem work on SeeSaw. You can use whatever method you want to work out the answers in your book then put the answers on SeeSaw. The activity is called DIVIDE (THURS).