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Wednesday 13th January 2021

LC- To Multiply decimals.


  We ae going to be looking at multiplying decimals again today. We are moving towards the more formal method. I guess some of you have already decided this is the best way.


Have a look at the question below. Who has made the mistake? You will need to work it out in your book to check.

 You can see in the example that multiplying decimals can be done exactly the same way as multiplying whole numbers. We just need to remember to bring the decimal point down into the answer.


Look at the Let's learn below to see how it is done with place value counters or partitioning.

What does 4.05 × 3 actually look like?


How many ones will we have? How many tenths will we have? How many hundredths will we have?

When we have 10 hundredths, we need to exchange. Using this method, we get the answer 12.15 so we can check which child got it right. 


 Now look at guided practice. On the first example, it shows how you can partition the numbers. This is to show you where the answers come from. You don't have to do this. Have a go at the questions and email your answers. You will need to work them out in your book first.

Now complete the Maths No Problem work on Seesaw. It is called X decimals (WED)