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Today, we are going to continue to add fractions.

Have a look at the in focus question below.

What amounts do you think we are adding?

How much juice do you think there is altogether?

How can we add these fractions together?

We are adding together 5/6 and ½.

What do we need to do? That’s right. Make sure the denominators are the same. How can we do this? What multiple do they both share?

That’s right, we can change ½ to sixths by multiplying by 3 so this would make 3/6.

Now, we can add 3/6 and 5/6 to make 8/6. This in an improper fraction.  Can you remember why?

Can you change this to a mixed fraction?

Well done if you got 1 whole one and 2/6.

What can 2/6 be simplified to?

That’s right – 1/3

Now, try the guided practice questions above.

Make sure you remember to have the same denominators, so it is easier to add together.

You should be really good at this now as we have tried these all week!



Below is worksheet 11 for you to complete. It has been sent to you on Seesaw.