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LC: to solve worded problems using multiplication or division.

What do I know?


Emma has 36 beads.

Emma has twice as many beads as Sam.

Twice means 2 times.


Let’s draw it.

Take it one step at a time.

Think what do I know.

Draw the bar model.

What do we know?


Boys Girls

3x as many boys

78 boys


Let's draw it.


We want to know how many girls.


What is the calculation?


78 ÷ 3 =  26


Read the question again.


a) How many girls are in the hall?   26

b) How many children are in the hall?  104

                     boys + girls =

          78 + 26 = 104


Make sure you read and answer both the questions.

Now it is your turn.


Read the question.

What do you know?

Draw the bar model.

Now calculate.


If you are home learning, then complete in your blue home learning book.