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 Friday 27th November 2020

     LC- To add and subtract fractions


  We are going to continue adding and subtracting fractions. Remember that we can't do this unless the denominators are the same.

For example 


     2/3 + 1/4 =   8/12 + 3/12 = 11/12


 If you can simplify at the end then remember to do it.


 Have a look at this question.

 So in this last example, we need to include whole numbers. We know that a whole number means a full one.

That means the top number (numerator) and bottom number (denominator) are the same.


  4/4     6/6     9/9                  Each of these is a full one.


  1  - 2/4      is the same as saying 4/4 - 2/4.


  Try the guided practice.  Remember the denominator tells us how many we need to make a full one.

So if we have eighths, we would need 8 of them to have a whole.

 Now try the Maths no problem work. It is worksheet 7. If you really understand then try worksheet 8 too.

 Good luck.

If you are at home, then write the work in your books and send a photo to your teacher.