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Yesterday was much better with most of us getting the right answers.


Today we are going to look at working out how much time has passed between 2 set times. To make sure we understand this make sure you are paying attention and reading carefully.


First look at the in focus question.



We need to work out how long has passed between the 2 clocks. To help us here it would be useful to know what time is on each clock.

Clock 1 is 2:05

Clock 2 is 2:45


Now lets look at the methods we can use to find the answer.


This step takes it in small steps in order to work out the difference. Another option to find out the difference is to count on in 5 minute chunks until you reach the time shown.


I prefer this method. This method would only work however if the time was within the same hour. 

For this you take the first time and subtract the minutes away from the minutes in the second time.




So in this question

Clock 1 is 12:00

Clock 2 is 12:25

How many minutes have passed?




Clock 1 is 7:15

Clock 2 is 7:55

How many minutes have passed?



Clock 1 is 4:55

Clock 2 is 5:20

How many minutes have passed?



a) 25 Minutes

b) 40 Minutes

c) 25 Minutes




Your work for today

Home learners please could you take a photo of your answered questions and email it to Mr Hindman on Purple Mash.