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To begin this lesson, let's look at the In Focus task. What strategy could we use to solve this problem? Would it be a good idea to cut out the teddies. Can you colour the trousers in either red or blue and the top in red, green or purple? Can you work out how many different outfits the bear can have with the colours you have used? 

If you can go to Seesaw there is a document for the Teddy problem.

 How many different ways we can colour the trousers?

 How many different ways can we colour the tops?

So, how many different ways can we colour the teddy bear's outfit?

We can count the number of ways by looking at the teddy bears that have been coloured in. 

Can you write a mathematical equation for this? 

What operation should we use?

Can you see that a multiplication should be used to describe this scenario?

 2 × 3 = 6

Mrs Metcalfe would start with an apple and a cupcake. Then an apple and the cake slice. Draw the food each time you make a choice. 
Can you use 'cutout' food to help you?