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Mathematics 1st lesson

Look at the graph above carefully.  

Increase means getting larger or more

Decrease means getting smaller or less 

If you are having difficulty plotting the graph, please look at the graph answer in the star to answer these questions.

Your guided practice activity  and worksheet is on SeeSaw, please complete it on there if you can. 

*If you cannot access SeeSaw  complete the work in your home leaning book and email pictures to your teacher

Write the information (number of cars) onto your graph, this will help you complete your table and answer the questions.

Do this for each graph. 

Remember to look carefully at the scale (difference between the numbers/ what it is counting up in for example,  steps of 1,2 5 or 10 ) on the y axis.


Remember the y-axis runs up and down. (vertically)

Use the graphs above and the information you have included to help you complete the table below.
Look at the information carefully in the table above and the line graphs to answer these questions.
Please go to Seesaw to complete the Guided Practice and Worksheet tasks.