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Read the In focus question.
What do we know from the problem?
Let's draw it out.

What would the first bar represent?

What do we already know about the other girl's beads?

What are we trying to calculate?

You will be using the methods they know for multiplication and division to solve problems.

We use the bar model (comparison) to help us understand what the problem is asking us to do.

Look at let’s learn 1.

How have they both given the same product?
How are they different? 

What is the same and what is different?
What do we know?

How should we label the bars?

What calculation do we need to carry out?

Remember we need to include Lulu and Holly's amount (1 + 4 = 5)

Divide 155 by 5 = 31 

Now we need to find out how many beads Holly has.

Multiply 31 by 4 (because Holly has 4 times more beads than Lulu - Lulu has 31 beads)

31 x 4 =124

Holly has 124 beads



Read the questions carefully. 
Think about what you need to do to work out the problem.

Underline the important information.


Complete the work in your red home learning book or take a screen shot and complete the work, email a picture of your work to your teacher.