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Look at the in focus question carefully 

What do you need to do? 

Why have you partitioned in that way?

What other ways could this calculation have been done?

Have you answered the question?

Identify the parts of each method that are the same.
Where is this part in Method 1?

What does it show?

Why did we subtract 9 ones?

Have we grouped all of the ones?

How many are left over?

Does it make another group?

Why not? 

 Predict what the quotient and remainder will be.

You can find the guided practice and worksheet to complete on SeeSaw

If you cannot access Seesaw email your teacher on Purple Mash and complete your work in your red home learning book. (Email your teacher pictures of your completed work)

Friday Division Help 2.wav

Look at the number you are dividing by for each question


eg: 400 divided by 6


Use your times tables to work out the answer

I am going to look at the hundreds and tens digit to start with - this is 40 (40 tens)

What is the nearest multiple of 6 to this?


I know that 6 x 6 = 36  so 40 divided by 6 = 6.

 There is 4 left over. 


This 4 represents 4 tens (40)

Again, I know that 36 is the nearest multiple of 6. 

and again there is 4 left over.


400 divided by 6 = 66 r4