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Read the in focus question

What is it asking?

What do you need to do? 

How will what we already know help us to calculate the quotient?
Is this trickier?


What do we already know from the problem?

What is the problem asking us to find out?

Is this a grouping or sharing problem? 

Look at the image above. It shows how the number has been partitioned. Breaking it down into smaller problems can make it easier to work out.

You can find the guided practice and worksheet to complete on SeeSaw

If you cannot access Seesaw email your teacher on Purple Mash and complete your work in your red home learning book. (send a picture of your work in an email to your teacher)

Look at the division problem above

Start with the hundreds column

Can you divide the digit 1 by 2? No, we cannot.

Now we will look at the hundreds and tens column

Those 2 digits together make 16

We can divide 16 by 2, the answer is 8.

We take away 16 to show that we have already divide this number by 2.

Next we divide the digit in the ones column by 2 (8 divided by 2 = 4)

We write 8-8 underneath to show that we have divided that number by 2.


Here is an example of using place value counters.

If you are getting confused with the subtraction part focus on dividing the number like below