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Tuesday 24th November, 2020

LC: To discuss and record ideas for planning.

LC: To orally rehearse an explanation before writing.

Today, you are going to use the information you gathered on volcanoes (from this week's geography work) to plan your explanation text on how volcanoes erupt. 


You can use the T4W sound explanation plan, the teacher electricity explanation plan and your own explanation electricity plan from last week to help you. However, you can not ask for help from your teacher or peers as this is going to be an assessment of your explanation writing skills. 


Click on the button below to read through the plans to refresh your mind on explanation planning. 

Your plan must include:


An opening statement

Clue: How will you introduce the reader to volcanoes so that they want to read about how they erupt?  


A clear, logical sequence 

Clue: How does a volcano erupt from start to finish? 


Cause and effect conjunctions/causal adverbs put on the plan where they will be used.




Language of Explanation





Note what diagram you will include.

Clue: How can you show, through a labelled diagram or picture flowchart, how volcanoes erupt? 

It's time to start planning! 

Blended Learning:

Log onto Seesaw and access the activity 'Explanation Plan Volcanoes' to begin planning. 

If you are struggling to access Seesaw, take a screen shot of the blank plan above and complete it. Then you can send your screen shot through Purple Mash email to your teacher.


Once you have completed your plan, orally rehearse it. This will help you to write it.