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Thursday 22nd April 2021

LC: To write a persuasive letter using previously taught text structures and grammar skills.

Today, you are going to use your persuasive plan to write your persuasive letter to one of the local supermarkets in Burnley.


This will be your first draft.


Next week, you will be given time to revisit it and make tweaks to grammar, punctuation and spelling before a second draft is written. Then, your teacher will send it out of school, on your behalf, via email. 


Remember, you are exercising your right to share your thoughts freely (CRC Article 13) and raising awareness on Global Goal 14: Life on Water. Part of the goal is to stop and reduce marine pollution in oceans by 2025. 

Now it is time to begin. 


Step one: 

Read through your persuasive plan from yesterday before you begin.

Step two:

Write your first draft of your persuasive letter following your plan.

Write it in your exercise book.


Skills to include in your writing: