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Monday 2nd February

LC: To identify Victorian, human features within the local environment

LC: To use words/phrases of contrast and comparison to aid cohesion

There is evidence of the Victorians all over Burnley. Have a look at the following pictures.

Do you know where they are taken? 

Please follow the link below to have a look at an old Victorian map of Burnley. Have a look around, see if you can find Stoneyholme. You can zoom in and out by clicking the + and - signs near the slider.

See if you can find the following on the map:


  • The street which you live on
  • The old Stoneyholme Primary School
  • Mills - there are a lot of these!
  • Iron works (wks)
  • The Leeds and Liverpool Canal (notice all mills alongside the canal)
  • A viaduct (like the one the train goes over near Burnley College)
  • Have a look at all the tram lines near Oswald Street

Now have a look how the landscape has changed by moving the slider!

Your Task - Listen to the instructions please

Still image for this video

In your observation and summary of the maps, you are going to use language of comparison and contrast. The following phrases/words will help to keep your writing COHESIVE.

But / However


Although / Even though


Despite / In spite of


Despite the fact that / in spite of the fact that


While / Whereas / Unlike






Old Victorian Map

Modern Map



On the old map of Burnley, Stoneyholme Primary School is an old Victorian building at the bottom of Cromwell Street, although on the modern map, the school is shown in a different position. The school building is now much more modern looking. 


The streets around Stoneyholme - such as Cromwell and Clive Street - are found on the old Victorian map of Burnley. Similarly, they are still there on the modern map.