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Make sure you have finished all the work from yesterday before moving onto the History for today.

Tuesday 5th January

LC: To describe the key features of the Middle Passage journey

Please read the information on the following slides carefully. Follow the instructions and complete the activities in your Topic or Home Learning Book if you are learning from home.
Now have a look at the information by following the link below (The Middle Passage).
By following the example above, complete a similar task for the three images below in your book. If you like, you could draw a quick sketch of each picture if your are learning from home. 

Incidental writing task


Finally, you are going to write a diary entry as a slave on the journey across the Atlantic Ocean from your home in Africa to the Americas. Use what you have read and the videos from yesterday's lesson to help you do this. 


You need to:

  • use capital letters and full stops correctly
  • write in the first person
  • write in present tense
  • use other punctuation correctly , ? ! ;
  • write descriptively and emotively 
  • create a sense of danger, doubt and helplessness within your writing 
Use the template below to help you.