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 Wednesday 21st April 2021

LC- To recognise and use the subjunctive form.


 Have you ever heard of the subjunctive form?

 It isn't something that we hear very much of and we don't use it very often but we do need to know what it is and use it when we need to.


It is used in very formal writing, so first of all, we will go through the Powerpoint and revise formal and informal writing.

 Now follow the link to BBC bitesize to see if we can find any clues to what the subjunctive form is.

  Are we any nearer? Do we need more information?


Let's click the link to see if we can find out more.

 So, if we are writing in a very formal way and we are demanding something we would use the subjunctive form.

 We would also use it if we were writing about a wish or a hope. (This is the one we use most in year 6)


 It actually sounds wring to use it but if we use it correctly then it is grammatically correct.


Let's try the following examples.

  Great, now complete the activity on seesaw. Be careful.