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In English today we are going to write questions with question marks to ask an expert.

Watch this video of an episode of 'Mastermind' where a contestant gets asked questions about his specialist subject.


Still image for this video

Your teacher is going to be the expert, to start with.

Their specialist subject is:

Beatrix Potter

When you are thinking of a question to ask her, first of all think of what you know.


Here is an example...

I know that Beatrix Potter wrote 23 books, so my question could be:

How many books did Beatrix Potter write?


Now think of what you know about Beatrix Potter.

Practise putting it into a question - say it out loud.

Write your question on a post-it and remember a question mark.


You can now ask your teacher questions on 'Year One Mastermind'.


Good luck!

Mastermind intro

Still image for this video