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Listen carefully

As we grow up, it's important that we learn to read information to make choices and decisions for ourselves (as well as being able to show off what we know to our family and friends). If adults always give us that information, our learning will be limited, so today we are going to learn to find information for ourselves.



As a Rights Respecting School, we are going to look at Article 17:

Every child has the right to access information.

Right Holders (children) can get this from books, the internet, radio, television, newspapers and other places like museums and art galleries.


Duty Bearers (adults) should make sure that this information isn't harmful and the Government should encourage people to share information in lots of languages.

If you are in school, Mr Aitken has put a protective force field around the internet so we will all be safe. If you are at home, it's better to search for information using a child friendly search engine. Click on the link below.

Today we are going to use the internet to search for more fun and interesting facts about owls. We are going to use a website from a company that publish books we use in school called DK Find Out! 


When you go to the website, use the search bar at the top to write OWLS. There are loads of interesting facts, pictures and videos to watch.

To go straight to the website, click on the picture below: