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Year 2

We are delighted to welcome children into Year 2. This web page will be updated with useful information and photographs of the fantastic work we have done in class, so please check it regularly.

Autumn Term 2 




In Literacy, we will be reading stories around the theme ‘explorers’. We will be using Talk for Writing to learn the story 'The Great Explorer' so we can write our own version. We will identify our favourite words and phrases from the story and identify time adverbial openers including first, then and next which help us sequence events in order.


In History, we will learn about key events in the life of a famous British explorer, Robert Falcon Scott, explaining what he did earlier and later on his expedition.

Look what has happened in the classroom! It feels like we are on a polar expedition.

In Maths, we will measure length and mass and use our knowledge of addition, subtraction and division to solve word problems. Words we will use include metres, centimetres, kilometres, grams and kilograms.

Please ask your child to look at food labels for weights of packages.

In Science, we will describe how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals, using the idea of a simple food chain, and identify and name different sources of food.
In Geography, we will revise what we know about the world's oceans and continents as we learn more about explorers. 
In Engineering, we will be designing purposeful, functional and appealing vehicles. Watch this space!

In R.E we will be answering the questions 'How and why do we use light?' and 'How is light used as a symbol?'

We will be discussing the Christian belief that Jesus is the Light of the World, providing comfort, hope and guidance and investigating the tradition of Christingle. Words we will use include awe and wonder, symbol and tradition. We will learn about Children's Rights: Article 14- Every child has the right think and believe what they want.

In Computing, to keep ourselves safe, we will learn how technology is used in school and outside and that not everything on the internet is true. We will navigate the web to complete simple searches.

In PSHCE, we will develop basic techniques for resisting pressure to do something we don't want to do and which may make us unsafe, including online.

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