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LC to use the meaning of root words to understand meanings.

Read the 5 facts about Boudicca below.

After you have read each fact, ask yourself if it is true and say why it is true.


                  If you need to check the facts click on the link above.


5 Facts:

Who was Boudicca and what did she do?


  1. When the Romans invaded, the king of the Celtic Iceni tribe befriended them.

  2. The Celtic king left half of his kingdom to Rome and half to his queen, Boudicca.

  3. The Romans attacked Boudicca taking her land for themselves.

  4. Because they were treated so badly, Queen Boudicca decided to fight back.

  5. Inspired by Boudicca, other tribes came and joined in the fight.

Your teacher wants you to think about the words -

befriended and kingdom.

Can you see other words within these?

Write them on a whiteboard and put a circle around a smaller word, within each one. 

Did you find 'friend' and 'king'? Think about the meaning of these 2 words using the smaller words to help.

Now use the Word Hippo dictionary to find a meaning for them.


Does it match your meaning?

Now use the Seesaw tick list to decide if the statements are true or false.


Your teacher will now model how to write a second sentence to follow the true fact sentences.

This second sentence will explain why the first sentence is true.



You will be using Seesaw to complete

second sentences for the first two facts, when your teacher has modelled it for you.