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Thursday 4th February

LC: To use cohesive devices to write about contrasting characters

Have a look at the phrases below, we looked at them earlier in the week when we compared maps in History. All of these phrases help us to discuss contrasts (contrast means difference). 
Have a go at completing the sentences below. Choose the correct word to fill the gap where the line is. You can complete this mini exercise in your home learning book. 


Still image for this video

You can start your writing like this (notice my cohesive device in bold):


In the story Oliver Twist, the characters of Mr Brownlow and Bill Sikes are very different in many different ways.

Firstly, Mr Brownlow is a very caring person as he looks after Oliver and provides him with a comfy bed and food, unlike Bill Sikes, who is mean and doesn't appear to have any compassion for other people.  


Please continue - could you discuss at least 3 other points and explain the contrasts with the cohesive devices (the blue words above). Complete the activity on Seesaw - Contrasting Characters (Thursday).