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Tuesday 2nd February

LC: To collect information and make notes

Later this week, you are going to be making a comparison between two of the characters in the story - Mr Brownlow and Bill Sikes. 


Please read Chapters 16 and 17 below. Whilst you are reading, you need to make notes for the character Bill Sikes.


What literal information can you record? 


What inferences can you make about him?

Please record your notes on the template on Seesaw - Bill Sikes (Tuesday).

Chapter 16 with examples

Still image for this video

Check my notes below; writing on the screen was too tricky and I spelt aggressive incorrectly! 🙈 You will need to explain how you know - it will help with your writing on Thursday. 

- Aggressive because he growled as he spoke.

- Bossy because he tells people what to do (he doesn’t ask)

- He is disrespectful in the way he speaks to Nancy.

- He may be violent because of the stare that he gave to Nancy.

- He is forceful because he dragged Oliver from his spot.