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English Thursday 4th February 2021

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Thursday 4th February 2021


Today we are going to continue to look at the language we use.


We have looked at formal and informal but today we are going to begin looking at persuasive writing.


To help us we are going to use an acronym to help us.


P - Personal Tone

E - Emotive Language

R - Rhetorical Question

S - Say Again

U - Undermine Opposing Arguments

A - Anecdotes

D - Direct Address

E - Exaggeration



Click on the picture below to take you to the BBC Bitesize page. Watch the video and listen carefully. Read the rest of the information on the page. At the bottom there is a Quiz. Take the quiz.  On your 2Do there is a space for you to let me know your score.


Also on your 2Do there is the letters P.E.R.S.U.A.D.E,  next to each of these you need to write a sentence or 2 that is an example of meaning of that letter.


R - Rhetorical Question - Don't you think?