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Friday 22nd January

LC: To write a person specification

When a company or business is looking for a new person for their company, they advertise the job on the internet or in a newspaper. If a person is interested in doing that job, they need to fill in a job application form. 


Job application forms contain different sections for them to fill in. One of these sections is called the Person Specification. In a Person Specification, the employer writes all the skills that the person should have if they want to apply for the job.


Here are some examples:


  • An accountant should be good with figures. 
  • A delivery driver should hold a driving licence.
  • A headteacher should be good at communication and directing other people.
  • A florist should be creative and imaginative. 



Have a go at matching the ones below. 
Now have a look at some of the details below that might be asked for as part of a Person Specification.  

Below is an example of what a Person Specification might look like for a Police Officer


The candidate should have the following skills:


  • should be good at communicating with others
  • should be physically fit and healthy
  • should be brave and courageous
  • should have a good moral standing (knows right from wrong)
  • should be approachable and friendly
  • should be able to remain calm under pressure
  • should be empathetic (can understand the feelings of others)

Your Turn

I would like you to write your own person specification using bullet points like I have. Imagine that Fagin is looking for a new pickpocket to work for him. What skills would this person need to have? 


Go to the template on Seesaw and complete the Person Specification for a 'Pickpocket'. It is called Pickpocket Needed! (Friday).