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Monday 18th January

LC- To gather information about a character to create a profile


Later this week, you are going to imagine you are Oliver. You are going to write a letter to your friend, Dick. Your letter will need to explain what you have experienced since your last conversation at the fence at the workhouse. 


Part of this letter will tell him about the people you have met so far. Therefore, we are going to need to record some notes to help us to do this. Last week, we started looking at the character, Fagin. You retrieved some information and made inferences about him from Chapter 9. 


Please read Chapter 10 today and make additional notes about the character, Fagin. These could be notes about his appearance or about his personality. You will need to describe him to Dick when you write your letter. 


Please use the template on Seesaw (Character Profile, Fagin - Monday) to record your notes about Fagin. You DO NOT need to write in sentences, you are making notes around the image of Fagin. 

After reading Chapter 10, please watch the video. You could also gather ideas from this too. 
When you click on the slideshow to read the chapter, please make sure that you click the arrows to expand the pictures of the pages.