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Wednesday 9th December

LC: To gather information to aid planning



Please don't start this lesson until you have completed making the notes from yesterday's history lesson. 


Once you have completed your notes, please read chapters 1 and 2 of Oliver Twist below. Whilst you are reading through these chapters, please make notes on any information that is provided about the workhouse. This will help you with your persuasive letter later in the week. 

You are going to be writing a persuasive letter to Mr Bumble which will outline and suggest ways in which he can improve the conditions in which the poor people live. 


For example: Providing them with wholesome, more nutritious food.


The thing is, there has to be some way in which Mr Bumble will benefit!


Therefore: Providing them with wholesome, more nutritious food so that they have more energy to do more work. 


This provides an explanation to Mr Bumble that he will benefit personally by feeding the inmates better.