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Monday 7th December 2020

L.C. To identify and punctuate direct and indirect speech.


What differences are there between Direct speech and Indirect speech?


Direct speech is written inside inverted commas and is exactly what a person has said.


Indirect speech is not written in inverted commas and does not use the exact words of the original speaker.




The grammar of Direct speech and Indirect speech is different as shown above. Lets look at this example and discuss what changes are made.


"I am hungry" said John (Direct speech)

John said that he was hungry. (Indirect speech)


What has changed?


I changed to John. (First person to Third person)

Am changed to was. (Present tense to Past tense)

That is added to the sentence to make it make sense.


Look at the following sentences. First, (on your whiteboard) identify which sentence is Direct speech and which is Indirect speech. Then write down what has changed from the first to the second.


"Go away, I'm thinking" shouted Sarah

Sarah told me to go away as she was thinking.




Sentence 1 - Direct speech - Present tense (I'm thinking), 1st person (I'm)

Sentence 1 - Indirect speech - Past tense (told, was), 3rd person (Sarah, she)


Lets do this together


Lets discuss how we are going to change the sentence below from Indirect speech to Direct speech. Once we have discussed what needs to change have a go at writing the Direct speech version..


The policeman said that the car had been going really fast when it crashed into the tree.





What needs changing

  • Past Tense To Present Tense
  • 3rd Person To 1st person
  • Include Inverted Commas



New Sentence 


"The car going really fast when it crashed into the tree," said the policeman.



Change the following sentences from either Indirect speech to Direct speech or Direct speech to Indirect speech.


  1. The teacher said, “Don’t forget to do your homework, children.”
  2. The fireman warned the children that it was dangerous to throw fireworks.
  3. “Have you remembered to lock the door?” asked the bank manager.
  4. The king wanted to know if the queen had lost his crown.


Home learners please could you take a photo of your English work and email it to Mr Hindman on Purple Mash.