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Today we are going to innovate the explanation we have learned by replacing the animals in the text with the African animals we used in our skeleton yesterday.


Let's look at the first part of the explanation text.

What is a food chain?

All living things need energy to live. They get this energy from food. A food chain shows how energy is passed between plants and animals.

We can use this writing without having to change any of it.


Now, let's look at the next part...

All food chains begin with the Sun.

Again, this is OK and we do not need to change it.

Producers, like plants, use the Sun's energy to make their own food.

Can you think of a word we can change in this sentence to make it about the African Savanna?


That's right! We can change plants to grass.


Let's read the explanation, replacing all the words with our new plants and animals.