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An explanation is a non-fiction text that describes a process of HOW something works or WHY something happens. 


This week, we are going to look at the process of a FOOD CHAIN. We are going to learn a text off-by-heart so we can write our own explanations.


First, let's watch a short video to explain what a food chain is by clicking on the picture below.

Brilliant! We know that food chains show how plants and animals depend on each other as their source of food.


Now let's watch another video about food chains. This time, we are going to learn some scientific words that we can use in our explanation texts.


Click on the picture below.

You are doing an amazing job! Below is the explanation text we are going to learn off-by-heart. Read through it once today so you are familiar with the words. It has been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash so you can read it again when you have finished your work.

Now we are going to continue to practise using subordinating conjunctions for reason. You did this last week using 'because' to join ideas in a sentence.


Today we are going to use 'when' to join our ideas.

We go out to play when it is playtime.

Mr Hussain gives us our food when we use our manners.


We can also use 'when' to begin sentences. If we do this, we use a comma after the subordinating clause.

When we finish our work, we hand it in.

When polar bears catch their prey, they eat it.


Now it's your turn. Write the date in your book and complete these sentences:

Monday 7th December 2020

We wear our coats when ...

Mrs Cole changes our books when ...

When I am hungry, ...

When sharks hunt, ...