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  Today we are starting a new English genre.

 Have a look at the following book covers. Do they give you any clues as to what genre we are talking about?

  Any ideas yet?


 Have a look at these movie trailers, (hopefully the links will work).


   What do you notice about the types of books they are?

Have you read any of them?

    All of the books that you have looked at are  ' Classic Fiction' . 

 Many of these books have been turned into films.


   What do we mean by classic fiction? 


    Wednesday 2nd December 2020

  LC -To identify the genre of classic fiction

   Have a look on your devices and research the definition of classic fiction. Look at a few different sources. Then write your own definition in your books.


 Classic fiction stories are the ones that, 'stand the test of time'. That means that they will never go out of date. The stories may be adapted but will be read by children for many more years. You may even read them to your children.

The books that we have looked at today are all very old stories but they weren't when they were first written!

  What new stories do you think fit the definition that you wrote? 

  What stories do you know that you think will still be read by children in a hundred years time? Why?

  Write a paragraph to explain your thoughts. It will be interesting to see what books we all choose.