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Wednesday 25th November 2020

L.C. To understand subordinating conjunctions and how they are used.


What is a conjunction?


What is a co-ordinating conjunction?


What was the acronym we learnt and used yesterday?


Today we are going to look at subordinating conjunctions. first we need to understand what these are. co-ordinating conjunction are words that join two word/sentences/phases together but must be in the middle of the sentence e.g. 


I like tea but I don't like coffee.


The co-ordinating conjunction is in the middle. I can't put the co-ordinating conjunction at the beginning as it wouldn't make sense (look below).


But I don't like coffee, I like tea.


This doesn't make any sense what so ever.  So we can't use co-ordinating conjunction at the beginning of a sentence.


However, we can use a certain type of conjunction in the middle or at the start of a sentence. These are called subordinating conjunctions. These are such words as:


because, although, when, before, after, while, if, as


Lets see how this works


Look at the sentence.


I went to the park because I wanted to play on my skateboard. 


My subordinating conjunction is because. Now lets try and re-write the sentence starting with the subordinating conjunction. 


Because I wanted to play on my skateboard, I went to the park.


Does the sentence make sense?



It makes. In order for this to be correct we need to make sure we punctuate our sentence correctly. Notice how after the first clause I have inserted a comma before writing my second one. This is how it should be punctuated.


Lets have a go at these

Move the sentence to that it starts with the subordinating conjunction.


I went outside although it was raining.

I clean my teeth before going to bed.

I haven't eaten chocolate since the start of the year.

I might get a treat if I try hard.




Although it was raining, I went outside.

Before going to bed, I clean my teeth.

Since the start of the year, I haven't eaten chocolate.

If I try hard, I might get a treat.


Task 1

Write out the following sentences in your book. Underline the subordinating conjunction. Then re-write the sentence starting with the subordinating conjunction. 


Raj liked playing cricket because his Dad played with him.

Sarah Enjoyed going to the theatre although she couldn't sing.

Ben ran every day even though he found it difficult.

Daniel ate Brussel sprouts despite not liking them.

Sali enjoyed playing hockey as well as playing guitar.


Task 2 


Write your own sentence with a subordinating conjunction in the middle. Ask somebody else to make the sentence start the subordinating conjunction.


Home learners please could you take a photo of your English work and email it to Mr Hindman on Purple Mash.