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Today in English we are going to look at subordination for reason. This is going to help when we write explanations next week.


Let's remind ourselves about subordinate clauses before we start.


Watch the video below.


The major clause in a sentence (sometimes called a main clause) makes  sense on its own. Nothing needs to be added to help it make sense. ‎

For example: Ella works hard at school.


If you want to add more information to this sentence to explain wherewhen or why, you add a subordinate ‎clause.‎


Subordinate clauses always add to the information that is already given in the major clause. 

Remember a conjunction joins two sentences or ideas to make one, like 'and'.

We are going to look at the subordinating conjunction 'because' today.


Still image for this video

Let's practice using because in a sentence.


I really like your ideas.


For the first sentence we could write 


I sat on the floor because I couldn't find my chair.

Now it's your turn.

The first thing you need to do is write the date in your book.


Thursday 3rd December


Now you need to finish each of the sentences and write them in your book.



  • He sprinted towards the castle because...
  • I like school because…
  • Tom is my friend because…
  • I was scared because…