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Tuesday 17th November

LC: To make comparisons within and across texts


Today you are going to compare different letters to identify and understand levels of formality.


What is the difference between formal and informal?


Write down, in your book, what you think the difference is.  


For what reasons might you send formal/informal letters?


Have a look at the next two examples - which is which? How are they different?

Please open and have a look at the following PowerPoint. If it doesn't work, please download 'PowerPoint Viewer' online for free!

I would like you to use the template letter below to write two different letters - one formal and one informal. You need to choose which word or phrase, in bold, that you will use for each letter. 


When you have finished, read them carefully to check that you have chosen correctly. 


Finally, label your letters - Formal and Informal.

If you are working at home, please write your letters in your book. You will need to bring this to school when you return to show your teacher.