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Wednesday 11th November 2020

LC: To make notes and order events from facts read


On Friday, you are going to start writing an independent biography about the life of Mary Anning - a famous palaeontologist (someone that studies fossils) from the late 18th and early 19th century. Before half term we began to make notes based on her life.  Home learners you wont have your notes at home so will need to start from scratch and build up your notes again.


We will be splitting up our biography into  5 paragraphs. These are:


Early Years 

Fossil Hunting 

The Ichthyosaur

The Final Years


Use these subheadings to help you to organise your notes. Look at how I set my page out to help you.

Firstly re-watch the video, which we had watched before half term in the link below. After you have watched this  use the following sources of add any new or extra information into your notes.



Put the following events of Mary Anning's life in chronological order.


Discovery of Pterodactylus.

Discovery of the first complete Ichthyosaur.

Mary Anning is born. 

Mary dies of breast cancer, age 47.

Discovery of Plesiosaurus.

Mary's father dies.