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As we have been learning the story, we have been sequencing events in order.


  • We have drawn pictures on 2Create a Story in the correct order, and
  • We have used a story map to learn the story to tell.


Below is another way to show the story in the correct order. The first column is from the book. The middle column is the basic plot without any names or places and the last column has spaces for you to add your own ideas.

If you are at school fill in the missing information on the sheet. If you are at home write a list with the missing information in your blue book and send a picture to your teacher.


  1. Think of a name for your character. Is it a boy or a girl?
  2. Think of the missing person. Is it mum/dad or another family member?
  3. Use the list you created on Purple Mash yesterday for the things they will pack.