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Today it's your turn to be an author like Chris Judge and choose amazing adjectives to describe a noun.


In the book, it says:

As night fell, the spectacular Northern Lights lit up the sky.

How would you describe them?

You could use words to describe what colour they are, what shape they are or their characteristics like spectacular.


Mrs Fernandes describes them as the beautiful, wavy lights.

If you are at home, email your teacher with your ideas to add to our Leaning Wall in class.

We are going to learn the story of The Great Explorer using Talk 4 Writing, where we use actions and a story map to learn it off-by-heart.


Here is a shorter version of the original story. A copy of it can be found on Purple Mash.

Complete the 2Do: 2Create a Story on Purple Mash showing the key events in order. Write a brief description underneath to explain what is happening.