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Today our challenge is to learn how to:


Raise questions during the reading process to deepen understanding.

Make predictions based on detail stated.


Look at the image below. 

Today we shall use these speaking frames to help us with our thoughts.




Use your microphone to help you speak clearly and in full sentences.


   I was wondering whether the weed will ever stop growing.


Your turn


 I was wondering whether ...



 Perhaps the children will climb the weed. 


Your turn


  Perhaps ...


Now use the other speaking frames to help you say what you think.



Now, use the speaking frames on this image.


 Does anyone else think that tree looks like an owl?


 I thought at first that the tree grew like that but now perhaps someone designed it that way.



Your turn, which sentences starters will you use?




Your writing challenge is to write a paragraph about the image below using your prediction skills.



What do you think will happen next?

What clues are there to make use think that?


Use the evidence in the image to help you.