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English 1

Tuesday 10th November 2020

L.C. To Further explore the use of active and passive.


Explain to the person nearest to you what is meant by active and passive.


An active sentence:

The subject is doing something to the object.


An passive sentence:

The subject is having something done to them.


Copy down these sentences into your books and state whether they are written in the active voice or passive voice. 


Cinderella does all the cleaning.


All the cleaning is done by Cinderella


In today's lesson we are going to look more at changing sentences either:

Let's have a look together.

The boy reads a book. (Active Voice)


The book was read by the boy (Passive Voice)


Notice how we still use the same words but change the order of them. We also add the word 'by' into the sentence to make it passive.


All the books in the library were destroyed by the fire.

(Passive Voice)


The fire destroyed all the books in the library. (Active Voice)


When changing into the active voice we change the order of the words and remove the word 'by'.


Your turn:


Copy the following sentences into you book and label them either passive or active. On the line below re-write the sentences using the other voice (as shown in the examples above).


An amazing goal was scored by Jamila.


St. Mary's was awarded the winning trophy.


The high school concert was attended by Year 6.


The PTA supplied the refreshments.





The following passage is written in the active voice. Write out the passage but in the passive voice.


We are holding a summer fair at St. Mary's on Saturday. We will be playing lots of games and serving refreshments. You will pay 50p admission.