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Engineering 1.30 - 3.30

Listen carefully

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You did an amazing job yesterday labelling the different parts of a car.

As soon as everybody is back in school we we look more closely at how wheels and axles work.


Today I want you to think of a vehicle that Tom could have used to travel across the North Pole to save his dad.


Here are some vehicles that are already used in the polar regions.



Listen carefully

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This afternoon I would like you to design a vehicle for Tom to use to go and rescue his dad.

It must have space for all Tom's things and for a stretcher for Tom's dad as he has a broken leg. 

The size, shape and colour are up to you.


This is my design.

I made a snow scoop on the front to push through all the snow. I painted the top in yellow so a helicopter would easily be able to see it from the sky. The windows are yellow so the sun doesn't shine in the drivers eyes. It has space at the back of the vehicle for somebody to lie down on a stretcher.




We are going to use this 2Do. You have used it before but if you have forgotten watch the video in the corner of the screen.

Listen carefully

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When you have designed your vehicle I want you to write and tell me why you chose the things that you did.


I want you to do that using this 2Do.