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Caterpillar Group

Mirror Play 


Playing with a mirror is a good time, and supports healthy development and learning. It helps develop visual senses and language skills. Have a go at pointing out parts of their face and have little back-and-forth conversations. 

Face Cookies!

How to make face cookies:


Plain biscuits 

Icing sugar paste

Sweets, choc chips, raisins for decorating.


1. Cover the biscuit with a thin layer of icing sugar paste. 

2. Using whatever you have for decorating, create a face on the biscuit. 

3. Leave to dry for about a couple of hours before enjoying your treat!


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 
Paper Plate Mask

What you will need:

Paper plate

Felt tip markers


Elastic or string


How to make your masks:

1. Draw on eyes, a nose, a mouth and some hair.

2. Cut out holes for the eyes

3. Attach elastic, string at the back to hold it in place.

Cotton Ball Sensory Bin


Bowl, cotton balls, scoop.


Fine motor practice as you scoop and dump.

Explore the soft texture of the cotton balls. 

Walking on Cushions


Large pillows or cushions.


A great way to get moving inside the home. 

Texture Balloons


Balloons and different textures to fill the balloons, I.e. salt, shampoo,  lentils, rice, flour.


1. Fill in balloons half-way with different textures.

2. Tie the top of the balloons to secure them.

3. Enjoy feeling the different textures!

Join in with the ABC Song!
Hanging out the Washing
Help hang the washing, by using pegs to clip clothes onto a washing line. 
Threading Cardboard Beads
Cut toilet/tissue cardboard rolls in half. Thread them onto a long string. See how many you can put on.