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Autumn Term 2


The Enormous Crocodile


In Literacy we are learning the Roald Dahl story The Enormous Crocodile. The children will learning about his 'secret plans and clever tricks', the write their own secret plan. 


We are really enjoying reading together and learning what the characters say using different voices. We have learned the meaning of new words like mischievous and grinned. To help your child, please ask them to use these new words in sentences.  We will use this story to write our own in the same style.


We will also be writing a persuasive letter linked to our history topic of Pendle Witches .



In Maths we will be continuing to learn how to add and subtract, with renaming. The children will explore addition and subtraction problems using the 'bar model' to help them understand which calculation is needed in order to solve the problems.

We will also be learning our multiplication and division facts by 3, 4 and 8 as well as using our knowledge of these facts in problems.

Please help your child by learning their times tables, this can also be done by using

Times Table Rockstars.



In At the children will painting their favourite character from the Enormous crocodile.


We will be focusing on brush control, the use of thick and thin marks and colour mixing.

They will only have the primary colours available to them. So if they want to paint the Enormous Crocodile they will have to mix yellow and blue together which makes green.



Our History topic is a local study of 'Pendle witches' we will be finding  out about everyday lives of the Pendle witches  and compare with our lives today.  We will use evidence and our ICT research skills to find answers to specific historical questions.  A visit to Lancaster Castle will help us learn about the Pendle Witches trial of 1612.



We have been asking historical questions.



Week beginning 28th October was keep yourself safe week.


Through ICT we found out about cyber bullying and how we can keep ourselves safe.