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Autumn Term 1

Roman and Anglo Saxon impact on Britain


Our literacy focus this term is Non-Chronological Reports and Historical Novels.

During the first 3 weeks, we will look at Non-Chronological reports that are related to our History topic: the Roman Impact on Britain. 

After this, we will look at Historical Novels (Beowulf). Historical Novels are related to our History topic: the Anglo -Saxons.

We will  use this well-known text to invent our own historical stories. 



We  are following the Maths No Problem Scheme and looked at Numbers to 10,000 to start.  This  involves counting in 100’s, 25’s and 1000’s, using place value, comparing and ordering numbers, making number patterns, counting in 6’s, 7’s and 9’s and rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

The children will continue to learn their times tables and their division facts regularly!


In the last week of this term, we will look at Sound as part of our science topic. The children will investigate sound and be introduced to a variety of new vocabulary.

Art / DT

The children will explore different skills in drawing to sketch a variety of Anglo Saxon objects found at Sutton Hoo. They will also use clay to construct a 3D brooch which would have been used in Anglo-Saxon times.


Our key question this year that will be discussed through all RE lessons is as follows:

How should we live our lives?

The first faith where we will investigate this question through will be Buddhism. We will look  at rules taught through Buddhist teachings,  including the rules we know and understand in our own lives



Health and fitness



Online Safety and Using Web Browsers

The children are learning about what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour when online and they will share their understanding through posters. They will also link the importance of keeping personal information secure and private to rights learning.

UNCRC Article 16: Every child has a right to privacy.


We are learning about the Roman and Anglo Saxon impact on Britain and how both have shaped our present day lives.


What a busy and fun filled half term we will have!!