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Autumn 2



As writers, we will be cooking up a fairy tale based on Rumaysa a Fairy tale. We will be innovating a new character instead of the evil witch Cordilia. We will be learning how to use vocabulary that builds atmosphere and suspense, nouns for precision and noun phrases, dialogue between characters using inverted commas and fronted adverbials for when. We will also create a poem based on the character Zabina the owl and a monologue by Rumaysa based on the song Let it go from the Disney movie Frozen. Make sure to come back and visit our class page to read some of the work we will be producing.

Acting out our story.

Children took part in the Whoosh drama approach.

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Children innovated a conversation between characters using the first line drama approach.

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Children worked in groups to chunk the plot of the story.


Children practiced asking questions before creating a classification key for others to use.

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We set up an investigation to observe water changing states when heated and cooled.

We melted butter and chocolate to observe materials changing state when heated. We then made crispy cakes out of liquid ingredients. Yummy.


We’ve created a wash for our background an drawn a landscape inspire by Freidreich.

We used a smaller brush to add detail over our wash to create a cold landscape.

We created a landscape using cold colours and collage.



We will develop ways of travelling, jumping and rolling. We will be balancing using small and large body parts and will create a sequence of travelling, balancing, jumping and rolling actions. We will suggest ways of improvement and make judgements on qualities of performances.

Balancing, travelling, jumping and sequences 🤸‍♀️

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Pupils this term will create programs by planning, modifying, and testing commands to create shapes and patterns. They will use Logo, a text-based programming language.




In PSHCE, we will be learning how to predict, assess and manage risks in different situations (Fireworks, dark nights), to recognise pressures from others to take part in unsafe activities and things that make them feel uncomfortable, to understand what is a positive healthy family and friends relationship (mutual respect, trust and sharing interest), understand characteristics of a healthy family life (commitment, care, spending time together, being there for each other in times of difficulty) and to understand how to seek support with relationships when feeling lonely and excluded.


Multiplying the same two numbers using counters arranged by rotation (4x6=24 and 6x4=24)

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